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    My thehomeroom extended family & friends and myself are raising funds to get to Atlanta for A3C’s annual Hip Hop festival and we’re turning to you. We need your help to get there.

    Homeroom is my brainchild, I treat it like my baby. I never thought it’d become what it’s become, nor be as important as it is to me. My team and I have been working at building and fine tuning this haven for expressionists that we’ve created, for two years. I’m ready to make this bigger than regional.

    I want to create something accessible to the great voices of our generation everywhere, through music, through art, through film, through journalism, providing further outlet and platform. And so, as of early September, I chose to leave my job and take on the task, full time. I’ve invested my life, my energy, my sleep, and I couldn’t be more exhausted nor more fulfilled. Ever since the inception of our movement, we’ve been about organics. We’re a grassroots community. And we wouldn’t exist if not for our supporters.

    Any contribution is hugely appreciated & impactful on our journey.

    With help from my baby sister, I put together a brief video. Check out my indiegogo campaign for more on what I hope to accomplish, the impact of your participation and perks. Thank you for your your continued support & encouraging energies. You are my fuel.

    Ps. This is a disclaimer about my hack job editing, I didn’t know iMovie so much as existed until about 24 hours ago!

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